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ARE YOU READY TO SELL YOUR SERVICE STATION? Cyrus Business Brokers has the largest database of pre-qualified CASH buyers waiting for an opportunity to purchase your Petrol Station! Let us introduce your Service Station to our list of eager buyers and take the hassle out of selling! At Cyrus Business Brokers, we are engaged in each facet of the transaction. We guide you through the groundwork for the marketing of the business to the concluding. From the assortment of the acquisition, to the due diligence, to the financing, obtaining licenses, we are an instrumental part of the process. We insure the utmost confidentiality, discretion, and professionalism. By working with Cyrus Business Brokers you will get the expert and efficient service which you demand. The key to our services is the foundation we construct Cyrus Business Brokers on, our dedication, professionalism, integrity, honesty believe, and quality of the services we render. Service Station Sellers please call us on +27 (0)72 560 8281, our conversation will be entirely confidential and without obligation, or internet message us at Or fill out the form below and submit to Cyrus Business Brokers, or download the form, complete and fax to +27 (0)86 669 7600 and one of our Brokers will get back to you punctually. If you’re serious about selling your Filling Station, you should assign an broker who is too. Cyrus Business Brokers will arrange a professional accurate market related valuation of your business and would gladly provide aid to double-check that all requirements are contacted and assist in discussion to ensure the best price to sell your petrol station. Send us your business details. Be sure to encompass all your communicate details.
Name:* Surname:*
Station Brand:*  
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City:  Province:  Postal Code:  
Cell Phone:
Income and Expenses Statement
Monthly Income:
Source Gross Income Profit Margin Gross Profit
Convenience Store: R % R
ATM: R % R
Bakery: R % R
Cell Phone / Telkom: R % R
Lotto: R % R
Prepaid Electricity Card: R % R
Sub Rent of Workshop/Offices/Other: R % R
Car Wash: R % R
Other: R % R
Other: R % R
Income from Petrol Sales:     Litres   cpl R
Income from Diesel (Cash Sales):     Litres   cpl R
Income from Diesel (Card Sales):     Litres   cpl R
Other:     Litres    cpl R
Income from Oil Sales: R   % R

Total Income:  R
Monthly Expenses:
Accounting & Audit Fees:  R
Advertising including Yellow Pages:  R
Bank & Credit card charges:    R
Cleaning material:    R
Computer Expenses:    R
Consumables f-court, shop & c-wash:    R
Donations:    R
Electricity & Water:    R
Equipment Repairs & Maintenance:    R
Franchise Fees Forecourt % T/O:    R
Franchise Fees shop % T/O:    R
Franchise Fees Car-Wash %T/O:    R
Fuel evaporation/calibration/waste:    R
Garden maintenance:    R
Insurance (Contents & Vehicles):    R
Labour Consultants:    R
Leases & Hire Purchases:    R
Membership FRA etc:    R
M.I.B.C.O. Levies (dealer contribution):    R
Misc. & Maintenance:    R
Packaging:    R
PAYE contributions:    R
Pension contributions:    R
Postage, printing & stationary:    R
Pest Control:    R
Rental forecourt (Excl. VAT):    R
Rental shop (Excl. VAT):    R
Rental PEC:    R
Rental VERIPHONE:    R
Security Alarm system:    R
Security Money collection (……………….Guards):    R
Shrinkage in Shop (% of Turnover):    R
Skills Levy (1% of wages):    R
Speedpoint:  R
Staff Salaries incl. manager:    R
Staff wages, bonuses & overtime:    R
Subscription Fees:    R
Telephone & Cellular Phone:    R
Transport cost for staff:    R
Unemployment Insurance Fund (U.I.F.):    R
Uniform & Cleaning:    R
Union Contributions:    R
Vehicles maintenance & petrol:    R
Waste & sewerage removal:    R
Other:    R
Other:    R
Other:    R
Other:    R

Total Expenses:  R
Yearly Cash Flow:
Total Income:

Total Expenses:

Monthly Nett Profit:


Yearly Nett Profit:
- = x  12 Months  =

Stock: Fuel

Stock: C/Store

Stock: Other
Petrol Station Price Excluding Stock
Petrol Station Price Including Property
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Location: WEST RAND, GP
Asking: R5,000,000
Does approximately 218,034 liters of petrol per month. C/Store does approximately R348 044 per month at a 33% margin. Lubes does approximately R8,494 per month at a 35% margin. Car wash does approximately R38,388 per month at a 55% margin. Cell Phone...
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