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Petrol price to soar once again

petrol price hike

The AA predicts petrol will increasing by a whopping R1.18 a litre.

BELIEVE it or not but the AA predicts that there will be yet another petrol price increase next month. The projected basic fuel price increase is being billed as 98 cents for petrol, 70 cents for diesel and 63 cents for illuminating paraffin.

In a statement the AA said while these are the projected figures, the increase in fuel levies will push the prices at the pumps even higher when they come into effect in April.

“With the addition of the increases to the levies, our outlook for April sees petrol increasing by R1.18 a litre and diesel by 90 cents a litre. There are no levies added to illuminating paraffin.”

The organisation said this will add 20 cents a litre to the April increase – 15 cents for the fuel levy and 5 cents for the RAF levy.


This will push the proportion of taxes and levies on the fuel price to around 38 per cent of the cost per litre in the case of 93 unleaded petrol.


They added in their statement: “When fuel taxes were proposed as a roads funding mechanism, the government resisted, claiming they were anti-poor. But the fuel levy has nonetheless risen by nearly 22 per cent over the past three years. Given what is emerging at the Zondo Commission of Enquiry, motorists are justified in asking what this money is being spent on.”