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Petrol Prices in 2018

December fuel price cuts could be bigger

December fuel price cuts could be bigger. Johannesburg – South Africans are looking forward to some significant petrol diesel price relief in December, and current data shows that the decreases in prices could be even bigger than expected. Around mid-November, fuel price data from the Central Energy Fund pointed to decreases in the region of…

Petrol price Nov 2018

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Announcement The Department of Energy has published the fuel price adjustments for November 2018 – announcing no changes to petrol prices, with another nasty hike for diesel. According to the department both grades of petrol (93 and 95) will see no increase of decrease, while diesel will be going up by between 48 and 51…

R1.20 petrol price increase expected for October

Price Increase Expected The petrol price is expected to increase by around R1.20-R1.30 per litre in October 2018, with additional increases expected in November and December. Economist Dawie Roodt said it was highly unlikely that this petrol price increase is based on the existing formula used by the energy department to calculate under or over-recovery….

Fuel prices – R20 per litre is forecast

How rising fuel prices are affecting driver habits and crushing service stations – as R20 per litre is forecast According to Lightstone and Tracker As per new data from Lightstone and Tracker shows how rising fuel prices have impacted driver behaviour in South Africa – with economists forecasting worse conditions in 2019. Some economists have…