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Fuel Storage Depot - FREE STATE

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Petrol Station for Sale R22,000,000 - Property Incl
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Fuel Storage Depot – North West – Property Included

BEFORE RESPONDING TO THIS ADVERT PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT NEITHER CYRUS NOR THE SELLER WILL ENTERTAIN, RESPOND or COMMUNICATE FURTHER WITH YOU IN RESPECT TO THIS ADVERT UNLESS YOU COMPLY WITH or EXCEED THE REQUIREMENTS AS INDICATED HEREUNDER. Hugh Fuel Storage Depot for Sale – North West – Property Included. Property size: 50,776m2, the property is improved with a number of structures and fuel storage facilities and associated infrastructure as well as some roadway, a rail siding and concrete hard yard;

  • Blending dosing system
  • All fuel loading / unloading is via electronic temp/lt coding system.
  • The facility has Environmental approval and completed phase i and phase ii Environmental Assessment Reports.
  • Main office with contents measuring 75 m2
  • Security office with contents measuring 32 m2
  • Lubes store with contents measuring 360 m2 (newish building)
  • General store measuring 134 m2
  • A workshop measuring 97 m2
  • Compressor and truck store measuring 36 m2
  • Ablution facilities measuring 65 m2
  • Water plant shed measuring 12 m2
  • Fire pump shelter and foam shed measuring 16 m2
  • 2x gantries
  • 2x diesel Tanks – 400,000 litres each
  • Diesel Tank – 170,000 litres
  • Diesel Tank – 74,000 litres
  • Diesel Tank – 52,000 litres
  • Petrol Tank – 23,000 litres
  • 2x horizontal tanks – 100,000 litres each
  • Bund wall for above tanks
  • 1x Transfer pump
  • 7x Centrifugal pumps
  • 5x fuel meters
  • Petrol additive tank – 2,200 litres
  • Diesel additive tank – 2,200 litres
  • Test pit
  • Single hose diesel pump
  • Hazardous waste tank – 2,200 litres
  • Separator pit
  • Fire water reservoir
  • Centrifugal fire pump
  • 3x monitors
  • 1x hose reel
  • 17 hand held fire extinguishers
  •  Provision for Piping, Valves, Bridges and Supports, Electrical Cabling, Switch and Distribution Panels on the site.
  • Water storage tank – 82,000 litres
  • Water header tank
  • Plastic water tank with pressure pump – 2,500 litres
  • Plastic water tank with pressure pump – 5,000 litres
  • Water treatment plant
  • Sump pump
  • Rail siding and related equipment.
  • Site has a network of fire cannons.

Selling price R 22,0 mil excluding stock. The TOTAL Funding needed to acquire this Business is R 22,0 million CASH. A candidate will show and provide proof of the necessary cash funds to pay the monies associated with this transaction. The Seller has insisted that only CASH BUYERS will be considered. PLEASE NOTE :- NO INQUIRY will be entertained UNLESS you MEET the above Criteria. Due to the popularity of this listing, the overwhelming responses and daily avalanche of emails and voice messages thereto, you will be required to complete our Non Disclosure Agreement and to provide us with “proof of cash” from your bank or financial institution for you to be privy to any information financial or otherwise.

Interested in this Business

NO information financial or otherwise on any of our listings will be made available to prospective buyers unless they fully comply with the following;

  1. Cyrus Business & Property Brokers mandated with the sale of this opportunity was specifically requested by the Seller not to divulge any information pertaining to what is being sold under this listing prior to obtaining proof of funds from your financial institution (bank), auditor or lawyer;
  2. Due to the popularity of this listing, the overwhelming responses and daily avalanche of emails and voice messages thereto, you will be required to register as a buyer, complete our Non Disclosure Agreement and provide us with “proof of funds” from your bank or financial institution for you to be privy to any information financial or otherwise;
  3. Upon receipt of your Non-Disclosure Agreement and proof of funds, you must be prepared to visit us, we want to meet you in person, where after all information will be conveyed without delay.

Confidentiality Information and Viewing

The Seller/Owner desires to maintain the confidentiality of information financial or otherwise of their business and does not want their competitors, employees, suppliers, customers, and others to know they are selling their business. It is thus extremely important that the business is protected from this at all times and can only be viewed by appointment through Cyrus Business & Property Brokers.


All information has been provided by the seller and needs to be re-verified by the seller. Cyrus Business & Property Broker makes no representation to its accuracy and does not certify or make any warranties of any of the information provided and have not verified any information. It is strongly advised that you and/or your accountant review all information and do your due diligence before the closing. Information is subject to change without notice.

Commission For Business Broker-Agent-Consultant-Adviser-Agency-Auditor In South Africa

The Estate Agency Affairs Board (the EAAB). In accordance with Section 34 A of the Estate Agency Affairs Act 112 of 1976. Section 1(vi) provides that,

“…any person who for the acquisition of gain on his own account or in partnership, in any manner holds himself out as a person who, or directly or indirectly advertises that he, on the instructions of or on behalf of any other person sells……or publicly exhibits for sale…….any business undertaking or negotiates in connection therewith or canvasses or undertakes or offers to canvass a seller or purchaser therefore;…”

This implies that anyone who practices as a business broker-agent-consultant-adviser-agency-auditor in South Africa who is not in possession of a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate, disqualify from claiming any commission, consulting fee or referral fee on the relevant dealings if he/she/they do not hold a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. Nobody is entitled to any commission, consulting fee or referral fee unless he/she/they hold a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. Failing they are operating fraudulent and illegal.

We urge all business buyers and sellers to substantiate that the business broker-agent-consultant-advisor-agency-auditor you’re addressing, is in possession of a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. Failure, therefore, could prove to be very costly!

If there is any doubt as to whether or not a business broker-agent-consultant-advisor-agency-auditor is registered or has been issued with a valid fidelity fund certificate, business buyers and sellers should not hesitate to contact the Estate Agency Affairs Board or your Attorney to confirm and verify the registration status of the business broker-agent-consultant-advisor-agency.

It is very important that business sellers ask for proof of the business broker-agent-consultant-advisor-agency-auditor fidelity fund certificate before offering him/her/them with a mandate or any info on a business which may imply a mandate.

All business buyers and sellers will have to properly account to SARS for any fees; and provide SARS with proof that the business broker-agent-consultant-adviser-agency they paid the commission, consulting fee or referral fee too, had a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. Once more failure to do so could prove to be very costly!

If unsure please feel free to speak to your attorney or visit the Estate Agency Affairs Board website for more details.

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