As part of his 2018 budget, former finance minister Malusi Gigaba announced a 52 cents per liter increase in the General Fuel and Road Accident Fund levy.

The General Fuel Levy will increase by 22 cents from R3.15 to R3.37 (7% increase), and the RAF Levy will increase by 30 cents from R1.63 to R1.93 (18% increase).

According to the Automobile Association (AA), this increase amounts to a total increase of 11% on the current levies from R4.78 to R5.30.

The association said the increases will place an extra burden on all road users, but especially on the poorest of the poor who mostly rely on public transport.

With fuel prices expected to drop in March, BusinessTech looks at how much money you are currently spending on taxes when filling up your tank – based on February’s official prices of R13.90 a liter for petrol and R12.57 for diesel.

Car Cost to fill February 2018 (petrol) Cost to fill February 2018 (diesel) Amount spent on current levies (R4.78)
Hatchback (50 liters) R695.00 R628.50 R239.00
Sedan (60 liters) R834.00 R754.20 R286.80
SUV (75 litres) R1 042.50 R942.75 R358.50

BusinessTech also looked at how much you will soon be spending on taxes when filling up your tank – based on March’s expected prices of R13.52 for petrol and R12.10, and the new fuel levies of R5.30 to be introduced from 1 April.

Car Expected cost to fill March 2018 (petrol) Expected cost to fill March 2018 (diesel) Amount spent on new levies (R5.30)
Hatchback (50 liters) R676.00 R605.00 R265.00
Sedan (60 liters) R811.20 R726.00 R318.00
SUV (75 litres) R1 014.00 R907.50 R397.50