Petrol price increase expected in February. The AA has predicted an increase in the local petrol price for February, related primarily to an increase in oil prices worldwide.

“International oil prices have reached a slightly higher plateau after climbing in the first half of January,” said the AA.

However, thanks to the strengthening rand, the increase is expected to be limited. The predicted price changes are:

  • Petrol – 8c per litre increase
  • Diesel – 3c per litre decrease
  • Paraffin – 9c per litre decrease

“What is worth noting is that the average rand strength against the US dollar has been increasing for nearly a month, and we are hopeful this may point to a period of greater stability for the currency.”

“If international oil prices continue their current stable trend, South African fuel users may see fewer of the wild swings in fuel prices which characterised 2018.”