Petrol Station for Salepetrol station valuation

Petrol station valuation, without a comprehensive business valuation you may not verify the maximum value of your filling station for sale. The valuation of your petrol station franchise sets the benchmark for where you will expect offers. You could be undervaluing your business, placing your expectations too low or you could over-value your business and end up with expectations that are way too high. Our comprehensive methods are recasting the removing or adjusting items on your financial statements that are unrelated to the ongoing business. Adding back non-operational expense, owner’s compensation and gain, interest expense, and one-time costs that aren’t needed to continue in the future.

How we value petrol station

How to value a petrol station business, utilizing financial gain numbers from a business’s tax return can underestimate how much income the business truly delivers. Calculating the financial gain by adding back expenses listed on the tax return that’s not necessary to run the business. When buying a petrol station, a proper petrol station due diligence is needed as part of the suspensive conditions on the offer to purchase.

How to value a fuel station business

How to value a service station business, utilizing a comprehensive valuation, introduction materials, and adopt a proactive strategy for showcasing the business. We actively engaging interested purchasers through various marketing medium. Our numerous contacts within our petrol station network, local petrol stations for sale advertising, and social media. We carefully pre-qualify each potential purchaser. Screening them ensures they are financially ready to purchase the business. We require each purchaser to sign our non-disclosure agreement. After we have pre-qualify buyers, we will prepare offers for your business to boost your opportunity to sell the fuel station for sale.

Petrol Station valuation

Service Station for sale, after an offer is accepted by the seller, we move forward to the due diligence process. Cooperating with the purchaser, seller, and their accountants to move the deal through as quickly as possible. You benefit directly from the in-depth transactional negotiation that enables us to streamline the selling process. Petrol station for sale buys or sell.

The quicker the sale, the lower the risk the seller will have with employee issues, clients, and predatory competition. The “GO TO” business broker if you want your business SOLD! Quickly, efficiently & expertly!


Name: *
Station: *
Station Address: *

Income and Expenses Statement

Monthly Income:

SourceGross IncomeProfit MarginGross Profit
Convenience Store:R%R
Fast Foods:R%R
Cell Phone / Telkom:R%R
Prepaid Electricity Card:R%R
Sub Rent of Workshop /Offices /Other:R%R
Car Wash:R%R
Income from Petrol Sales:RCplR
Income from Diesel (Cash Sales):RCplR
Income from Diesel (Card Sales):RCplR
Income from Oil Sales:R%R
Total Income:R

Monthly Expenses:

Accounting & Audit Fees:R
Advertising including Yellow Pages:R
Bank & Credit card charges:R
Cash In Transit:R
Cleaning Material:R
Computer Expenses:R
Consumables f-court, shop & c-wash:R
Electricity & Water:R
Equipment Repairs & Maintenance:R
Franchise Fees Forecourt % T/O:R
Franchise Fees shop % T/O:R
Franchise Fees Car-Wash %T/O:R
Fuel evaporation/calibration/waste:R
Fuel Guarantee:R
Garden Maintenance:R
Insurance & Licenses:R
Labour Consultants:R
Leases & Hire Purchases:R
Membership FRA etc:R
M.I.B.C.O. Levies (dealer contribution):R
Misc. & Maintenance:R
PAYE Contributions:R
Pension Contributions:R
Personnel Expenses:R
Postage, Printing & Stationary:R
Pest Control:R
Rental forecourt (Excl. VAT):R
Rental shop (Excl. VAT):R
Rental PEC:R
Security Alarm System:R
Security Money collection (……… Guards):R
Shrinkage in Shop (% of Turnover):R
Skills Levy (1% of wages):R
Staff Salaries Incl. Manager:R
Staff Wages:R
Subscription Fees:R
Telephone & Cellular Phone:R
Transport cost for staff:R
Unemployment Insurance Fund (U.I.F.):R
Uniform & Cleaning:R
Union Contributions:R
Vehicles Maintenance & Petrol:R
Waste & Sewerage Removal:R
Total Expenses:R

Yearly Cash Flow:

Total Income-Total Expenses=Monthly Nett ProfitXAnnualized 12 Months=Yearly Nett Profit
Assets Stock: Fuel Stock: C/Store Stock: Other

Petrol Station Price Excluding Stock:

Petrol Station Price Excluding Stock Including Property:

Please describe your station, amount of pumps, nozzles, tanks etc:

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