Petroleum Licence – New Application – Renewal – Specialists

Petroleum Licence, Petroleum Retail Licence, Petroleum Site Licence, Petroleum Wholesale Licence. The seemingly lucrative petroleum environment has become increasingly competitive with the emergence of new wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers into what may be termed as a saturated market by many. The emergence of so many new players has its own risk factors including those who want to make a quick buck by exploiting the ignorant consumer. The introduction of environmental and petroleum legislation was intended to stringently regulate this industry and protect the rights of all those involved.  This has also resulted in the need for specialists within the industry whose purpose is to navigate the complexities of the fuel industry with the expertise to enable each client to succeed in their endeavor within this sector.

Our vision and mission are to provide specialized consulting services focusing on every aspect of the fuel industry, thus obviating the need for the client to consult a number of experts in order to achieve their objective. The core of our consulting is to provide legal and specialized services with regard to all aspects of petroleum licensing, environmental legislative requirements, the installation of pumps and tanks, traffic studies, fuel management systems, business plans, a legitimate fuel supplier, and overall project management.

The services we provide include the following:

Petroleum Licensing

  • New Development Applications (Including all advertising, Business plans, NPVs, Branding, Supply agreements, Letter of Intent, traffic studies, Environmental experts)
  • Petroleum Wholesale Licences (Adverting, Business Plans, Letters of Intent, Supply agreements, Proof of Financial Provision)
  • Petrol Station Retail Licences/ Change of Hand (Advertising, Business plans, NPVs, Letters of Intent)
  • Petrol Station Temporary Licences (where there is an established need)
  • Petrol Station Site Transfers (This is for existing sites where ownership is changed once the site has been sold)

Other Petroleum Licensing Applications/Services:

  • Appeals
  • Objections
  • Re-branding and branding of existing sites
  • Nett Present Value financial projections
  • Temporary Licences
  • Supply and contractual agreements
  • Fuel Management Systems
  • Suppliers of fuel
  • Lubricants
  • Transport Agreements
  • Insurance as required by the Department of Energy

Environmental Services and other – (contracts are in place with experts in each field)

  • Zoning
  • Tank and pump installation
  • Environmental Impact Assessments/ Environmental Management Plans
  • Specialists for heritage, water, and Flora and fauna reports
  • Traffic Counts and Studies
  • SANRAL approval
  • Road Access Approval
  • Site plans and inspections
  • Project Management
  • Fuel Management Systems
  • Fuel and Lubricant Suppliers
  • Bio-Diesel Supplier

 The Process

Contact us so we can send you the necessary documentation.  You will not be required to pay the full amount invoiced until we provide a reference number from the Department of Energy.

1. The Application Process

After the submission of the Application to the Department of Energy, you will receive the proof and the reference number. We will advise you what publications will be advertised in and send you proof thereof. All times lines are regulated by the PPA and take approximately 90 days after advertising.

The client receives updates every two weeks or whenever feedback is provided by the DOE.

2. Approval of the licence

The client will immediately be advised once the licence has been approved and payment to the Department of Energy is required. If there are conditions attached to the DOE we will attend to this for our clients.

3. Collection of the Licence

Once we have been notified that your licence is ready for collection we will collect and ensure that you receive your licence.

After you receive your licence our relationship continues by providing you with the services that assist you in growing your business!!