Petrol Station Accountants
Petrol Station Accountants

Petrol Station Accountants

Chartered Accounting Firm

Petrol Station Accountants Founded in 1992, Gregory, Butt & Marx (GBM) was established by the three founding partners L.T. Gregory, W.W. Butt, and W.J. Marx as an auditing firm in South Africa. All the founding partners are qualified Chartered Accountants registered in South Africa and have a background of working for one of the big five international auditing firms, and with this vast accounting and auditing experience, they were employed by The South African Revenue Service (SARS) where they gained valuable tax experience. The partners of the firm set up the auditing practice after their employment with SARS where they saw a potential in the market for a medium-sized firm to give more personal and affordable service. In the past 25 five years, the firm has grown and evolved were the founding partners now worked in an association format.

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