Ways to beat a competing petrol station. 

Advice for a petrol station business. If you’ve opened up a new fuel station close to an existing one or had one open up close to you, you may be intimidated by the new air of competition. Well, don’t be. Let’s take a closer look at what they are.

Offer superior service

Service is a sure way to get more customers to your facility. If your fuel attendants and store servers deliver great service, customers will become regulars – and it’s hard to steal a regular! Fuel retail representatives like SAPRA offer management and staff training on a regular basis. Make use of this training to get the most out of your service delivery.

Hold specials relevant to the area

Is your service station close to a corporate area? Or are you in the suburbs? Bread and milk at low prices is a great way to get people to your store if you are operating in a suburban area. Base your specials on the area and watch how your customer base grows!

Get serious about basic regulations

All these things are pointless if you aren’t adhering to the basics. Petrol stations have been shut down for not complying with health and safety regulations. Make sure your establishment isn’t counted among those. Get clued up about legal regulations and stick to them.

Be involved in every aspect of your business

Play an intimate role in your business. Get to know your staff, learn about their processes, and even serve customers on the odd occasion. The more involved you are in your establishment, the more respect you will gain from your staff. http://sapra.co.za/4-ways-to-beat-a-competing-petrol-station-down-the-road/

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