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Opening a Petrol Station

petrol stations

South Africa is one of the leading consumers of petrol and diesel and you can be the one selling it. But buying a petrol or filling station is not an easy task. Apart from all the paper works that are…

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How to sell a petrol station

gas station route66 at day and night

Are you looking to sell a petrol station in South Africa? We understand all the difficulties that can arise while you are looking to sell your property. As a current owner of the station, it becomes crucial that you are…

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Fuel price relief

fuel price

Further petrol price relief; lowest since September 2016 The Department of Energy announced that the petrol price (95 ULP) will decline by a further R1.74/l, with effect from Wednesday, 6 May 2020. The latest announcement means that the price of…

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The Top Myths about buying a Petrol Station

gas pump

There are many who are looking to buy their own filling or petrol station due to the several perks that it comes with. However, this very concept is surrounded by some biased misconceptions that run rampant on the minds of…

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