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Petrol Stations for Sale

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When searching out investment opportunities for a new business for sale, one of the most common paths to take is looking for petrol stations for sale and seizing the opportunity to cash in on that. Buying a petrol station for…

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Petrol price increase expected in February

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Petrol price increase expected in February. The AA has predicted an increase in the local petrol price for February, related primarily to an increase in oil prices worldwide. “International oil prices have reached a slightly higher plateau after climbing in…

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Petrol price hike

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Petrol price hike. South African motorists should prepare themselves for a hike in the petrol price next week, thanks to a weakening rand and rising oil prices.According to the latest data from the Central Energy Fund ahead of next week’s…

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Petrol price more pain 2019

Petrol price rise

Johannesburg – South African motorists will be dealt yet another petrol price blow on Wednesday, May 1, with the price expected to rise by over 50 cents a litre, while current trends point to another possible increase in June thanks…

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Here is the expected petrol price for May

petrol price rise 1

Motorists can expect a petrol price hike in May, according to the latest data from the Central Energy Fund. Mid-month data on changes to fuel prices show an under-recovery of around 55 cents per litre for petrol, while diesel shows…

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