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CAPE TOWN – Sasol appears to be a service station of choice for most South Africans according to the latest Explore findings, by data and research group Lightstone, who partnered with Tracker to conduct the study.

The report showed that Sasol is the most popular service station in the country.  In a joint venture, Lightstone Explore with Tracker, analyzed about 2.5 million vehicle trips Tracker customers take every day.

Across the country, Lightstone Explore has built up a database of 3,155 service stations.

The trip data provided to Lightstone by Tracker revealed the following:

1.Where vehicle users fill up their vehicles

2. Which service stations they rather drive past

3. How long they spend at a service station on average?

According to the data, Sasol service stations attract the most consumers in South Africa, despite not having the highest number of service stations

Lightstone has said that over the past three months, Sasol has the highest visit ratio of 4,221 visits to each of its 294 service stations.

“Considering the number of customers stopping at service stations, compared with those opting to drive by a service station – called the conversion ratio – it appears Sasol is the most successful in ensuring drivers pull in at their forecourts,” said Lightstone.

In the second place, Shell service stations are deemed the second most attractive brand with 3,505 visits at 528 sites. In the past three months, the mentioned service stations have had 9.8 million vehicles fitted with Tracker devices, pull up at the pumps, which is an average of 3,117 visits per service station.

Here are the ratios of each Service Station  in South Africa:

  • Sasol at 6.2%;
  • Shell at 5.8%;
  • Engen at 5.3%;
  • BP at 4.9%;
  • and Caltex at 4.3%.

In SA, Engen has the largest service station network in South Africa with 861 sites. However, it only received a conversion rate of 5.3%.